Yuwell M102 Mini Portable Steam Atomized Inhaler

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Yuwell M102 Mini Portable Steam Atomized Inhaler

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    Brand: YUWELL
    Model: M102
    Name: Mesh Nebulizer
    Med-icine liquid residual: <= 0.5ML
    Nebulization speed: >= 0.2ml/min
    Particles distribution: Mdedian particle diameter is about 3.7um and about 60% atomized particles <= 5um
    Medical cup capacity: 0.5ml-8ml
    Net weight: 108g
    Noise: <= 50db(A)
    Size: 67x48x107mm
    -Abandon traditional atomizer compressor components, using the ultrasonic oscillation, the drug solution broken into fog particles, completely solve the traditional atomizer noisy, inconvenient to carry.
    -The new generation of network type atomizer, atomized particles less than five microns, can cover to the upper respiratory tract, trachea and bronchi, alveolar, direct affected area, apply to the vast majority of respiratory diseases.
    Package included:
    1x Yuwell M102 Mesh Nebulizer