Temporary Tattoo Set, 6 Tattoo Paste Cones of 4 Colors, 4 Ne

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Temporary Tattoo Set, 6 Tattoo Paste Cones of 4 Colors, 4 Ne

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    Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Red
    Features: Waterproof, Long-lasting, Non-toxic
    ❥Complete Painting Tattoo Set, Perfect for Beginners: This set has everything you need to instantly create body art: 6Pcs Paste Cone(2x Black, 2x Brown, 1x Red, 1xBlue), 23Pcs different Adhesive Stencils, 1Pcs Bottle, 4Pcs Nozzles .Leave a great impression and have lots of fun
    ❥Harmless to Skin: It is made of natural plant extracts and doesn’t contain any chemical components. Harmless to skin, you could use with confidence. But Skin allergies are not recommended to use.
    ❥Waterproof: After paste cone is dry, the tattoo could last about 5-8 days. It will get weakened by shower. Good protection helps to extend retention time. And don’t worry, when you don't want, it can be easily removed by rubbing body oil or olive oil
    ❥23 adhesive Stencils available to meet different likes. Always one option fit for you. Note: The tattoo will be lightened as time goes.
    ❥Professional Certification, Safe to Use: Janolia Temporary Tattoo Kit is certificated by FDA. If you want to get more details of FDA certificate, please feel free to write to us.
    Package Includes:
    6 x Tattoo Paste Cones
    4 x Black Caps (for protecting the cones from air)
    4 x Plastic Nozzle ( for easy pasting)
    23 x Free Adhesive Stencils
    1 x Applicator Bottles