Spa Massager Machine Facial Instrument Ultrasonic Massager

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Spa Massager Machine Facial Instrument Ultrasonic Massager

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    ● Used together with the beauty essence to the skin deeply, promote collagen regeneration and blood circulation, improve fine lines and wrinkles.
    ● Portable, easy-to-use, space saving design.
    ● Ultrasonic vibration technology gently and deeply cleans the dirt, oil, makeup residues and blackheads.
    ● Making your skin look clean and softer. Also it improves blood circulation and strengthens skin reproduction.
    ● High frequency vibration massage to shrink pores, tighten loose skin, increase skin elasticity.
    ● A good and effective device for skin firming, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, face lifting and anti aging.
    ● Power: 0.3W
    ● Speed: 10,000RPM
    ● Magnetic force: 40Gs
    ● Material: ABS Plastic
    ● Power Supply: Battery Power (Battery is not included)
    ● Size: Approx. 9.5x3.6cm/ 3.74x1.42"
    How to Use:
    1. Apply a proper amount of serum or cream evenly over the entire face.
    2. Hold the electrode
    3. Touch the contact electrode and the face, the induction will automatically start the vibration
    4. Move the introducer slowly from the middle of the face to the cheeks until it covers the entire face evenly
    5. The tip of the instrument can also be used as an eye massage.
    Package Included:
    1 x Facial instrument Ultrasonic Massager