Battery Hearing Aids Amplifier Long Standby Earplugs

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Battery Hearing Aids Amplifier Long Standby Earplugs

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    Battery: A675 zinc empty battery
    Waterproof: No

    - There are hearing obstacles in the ear. Under the premise of confirming that there are no other contraindications, it is recommended to choose double ear wear. The ear wear is better than the single ear wear, which can improve the sound source localization ability and enhance the binaural loudness integration effect. To prevent unilateral auditory fatigue, to listen to high listening comfort, to participate in multi-person conversations, etc.
     - The main reason for hearing aids in general is that the eardrum has a sound leak at the contact area with the external auditory canal. The amplified sound through the hearing aid is covered by the ear canal gap, and then amplified by the microphone, and then the whistle is generated, so the opening opportunity is normal. It is recommended to select the appropriate earplug and then adjust the sound to a small point.
    - Suitable for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. For example, the hearing loss of the elderly, can not hear the ears, can only hear a little, need to speak loudly, can be used in recent years can not be heard.

    How to maintain and clean the hearing aid
     To clean the hearing aids, use the provided brush to remove the earwax or other tiny particles that accumulate around the ear canal of the hearing aid, the sound box adjustment knob and the battery compartment, and then gently wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth.
    Never use solvents, cleaning fluids or oils to clean the hearing aid.
    When the hearing aid is not in use, turn the switch off and open the battery door to extend the battery drain time.
    If the hearing aid does not turn off, he will make a "beep" howling, which may cause the child or pet to notice, resulting in unnecessary damage.

    Not suitable for the crowd
    1, according to the pure tone audiogram language frequency average loss, or in 0-30DB do not need to use hearing aids
    2, sudden deafness, especially in patients within three months
    3, there are tinnitus, single or double
    4, rapid progressive hearing loss population
    5, unexplained binaural hearing significantly asymmetric population
    6, severe external auditory canal in both ears, otitis media, pus, and double external ear completely blocked

    Package Included:
    4x different size earplugs (suitable for different groups of people)
    1x packaging box
    1x storage box
    1x set of accessories
    12x battery

    * Why is there a noise in the hearing aid?
    Because the hearing aid belongs to the electronic product, it has a current sound. It is generally considered to be a noise, not to say that there is no so-called noise at all. Even the best machines have current sounds, as long as they buy it back to the elderly. Or when the parents use it, as long as the operation is correct, this so-called murmur can be slowly adapted according to time.
    1. Check if the size of the earplug (silica gel) is suitable and it is tight. (Because the hearing aid is not in contact with the air, if the earplug is not tight, the wind will have a large current.)
    2. At the beginning, do not turn the volume down a bit. Generally, don't open it very loudly at first. (It is recommended to adjust to a file or a second file when you first start hiding. If you don’t want to wear it, then you can wear it slowly. increase.
    3. Sometimes the elderly or parents will get used to the previous hearing, so when I first started using the hearing aid, I heard some unfamiliar sounds, and I felt that it was noise and I could not hear clearly. In fact, this is to enlarge the sound that we can't usually hear. Generally, it will adapt to some time. (Generally, I’d like to wear a hearing aid for eight hours a day, then I’ll take two to three weeks and I’ll get used to it.)