All in Black Bat Adult Costume

All in Black Bat Adult Costume

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  • Sometimes we wonder if life would be easier as a bat. You could fly around and see by echolocation, which would be pretty cool. You’d probably be nocturnal, which means not having to justify staying out all night or make up excuses to your bat parents. And during the day, you get to–wait for it–hang out in your cozy little tree or cave or bridge. You know, wherever your little bat self calls home. Sure, you’d have to deal with people always asking you about that Batman guy. “No, he’s not a relative. No, I don’t even know him. Sorry, I can’t get his autograph for you.” They just won’t leave you alone! Okay, so maybe it would be easier to wear this All in Black Bat Adult Costume instead.


    This super adorable costume has a center-front zipper and hood

    •Batwing sleeves sewn with plastic bones

    Retail/Wholesale Halloween costumes are stylish with adorable stylings

    •Stay up partying or hang out in caves while wearing this costume, just like a real bat

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