220V Needle Free Nebulizer Injection Hyaluronic Acid Pen

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220V Needle Free Nebulizer Injection Hyaluronic Acid Pen

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    Needle Free Nebulizer Injection Pen Hyaluronic Acid Micro Vacuum Mesotherapy G un
    Item Type: Anti-aging Beauty Machine
    Material: ABS
    Color: White
    Voltage: 220V
    1.Moisturizing and replenishing water non-invasive atomizing g un is a supplement to high-end skin plastic products for the $kin9 replenishing moisture for the $kin9 and keeping it moist at all times.Light, freeze skin, youthful state, moisturizing effect lasting, make skin durable hydrating luster.
    2.Whitening and rejuvenation deliver the whitening factor and antioxidants to the dermis to restore damaged skin cells and make the skin fine again. Soft white lustre. Improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, scar and stretch marks, skin whitening, lightening stains and other facial skin tissues.
    3.To tighten and repair the growth factors, stem cells and other vitamins to the dermis, and to activate the fibroblasts.Skin and make it tight.
    4.Wrinkle and anti agingt injecting the concordance of hyaluronic acid and growth factor into the skin dermist eliminate static wrinkles effectively, and at the same time,Can effectively reduce dynamic wrinkles and lines, fine lines, young lines and relaxed skin aging, reversing youth. Strong skin,molding beautiful curve.
    5.Care for pock and baldness to restore concavo convex pock; nursing alopecia effectively transport nutrients.

    How to use:
    1. Connect the power and press the switch on the machine.
    2. Use the ampoules to extract the essence (0-0.3ml) as needed.
    3. Check for bubbles in the ampoules. If there are air bubbles, gently slam the ampoules with your fingers so that the bubbles are placed at the top and push the pushers up to remove the bubbles.
    4. Use the ampoules to squeeze the skin vertically.
    5. After installing the product in an ampoule, take a shot and select 90 degrees counterclockwise for the small white plastic, then a second shot, and so on.
    Using Precautions:
    1. If the ampoule is used once, it can no longer be used.
    2. Slightly use the ampoules for sexual use several times before starting to pump the product.
    3. You can't always send it when you use it, but follow the steps. If it is sent all the time, it may cause the g un to heat up and the heat will be quickly protected. After the protection, it will stop working and wait for it to cool before it can be used.
    4. After using for 30 minutes, wait for 5 minutes for cooling, then use it. If it does not cause heat, wait 10 minutes for normal use.
    5. Please read the manual carefully before use.

    Postoperative Considerations:
    1. Do not squeeze the atomized part by hand after use. For people of different physiques, the performance after atomization will be different. The main phenomenon is the presence of red spots at the atomized site. The normal recovery period is 1 week or 2 weeks.
    2. Do not put on makeup for 2 days after use, pay attention to sunscreen, do not soak in hot springs, exercise less, apply mask more.
    3. It is forbidden to use at the beginning of the operation or at the wound site. It is forbidden to use people with large teeth in the teeth. People with very weak sebum membrane, leukemia and skin allergies should not be used.
    4. The face has undergone surgery, and those who have deep exfoliation should not use it. People who receive radiotherapy are not allowed to use it.
    5. Do not wipe the treatment area with ointment, skin care products or cosmetics after taking care.
    6. This machine is suitable for professionals use only.

    Clean the skin with disinfectant, then gently squeeze the face skin with your hands and slant it against the atomization,
    Do not use it directly against the skin.

    Package Include:
    1 * Needle Free Nebulizer Injection Pen (with plug)
    1 * Disposable Needle Free Syringe
    1 * Manual