Oxygen Facial Machine Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Sprayer
Oxygen Facial Machine Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Sprayer

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Oxygen Facial Machine Tightening Skin Rejuvenation Sprayer

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    No irritation or discomfort.
    No cross-contamination.
    For all skin types and esthnicities.
    Activates nutrition distillate to the deep-seated skin through impulsing force 
    in order to accelerate the metabolism of cells, whiten and tender the skin.
    Item Type: Oxygen Facial Machine
    Material: ABS Plastic
    Color: White
    Tube Length: 140cm
    Host Dimensions: 30x30x15cm(L x W x H)
    Airbrush Dimensions: 15x9cm(L x W)
    Airbrush Nozzle: 0.3mm
    Working Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
    Power: 20W
    Package Included:
    1 x Host
    1 x Airbrush Kit
    1 x Airbrush User Manual
    1 x Tube

    The Oxygen Injection Machine applies the world's advanced PSA theory.
    It can separate medical-use purified oxygen (high density, no dust, no bacteria) from air under normal temperature.
    By using extreme pressure oxygen to put sterilization brine (saline) and oxygen into the simultaneous air pressure equipment,
    and transform drop of water of granular type into tiny molecular weight and work on the skin, tiny drops of water will spray (jet spray) out by special designed nozzle jet in the form of mist spray and inject rapidly water and oxygen into the bottom of the human skin.
    1. Skin rejuvenation, remove facial bemish, tighten large hair pores, deeply cleaning and improve the flexibility and tone of skin.
    2. Scar removal: remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.
    3. Wrinkle removal: remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins.
    4. Acne removal: remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar. Restrain the inflammation.
    How to use                                                                                                              
    1. Take out the machine, connect the power; 
    2. Connect the injection gun and the oxygen tube; 
    3. Turn on the red power switch on the machine surface; 
    4. when there is "buzzing" sound the instrument, the instrument starts work;
    5. open the injection cup lid of airbrush, pour liquid products such as whitening moisturizer into the cup.
        (Note: Liquid products without viscous or water.)
    6. Press switch of the oxygen airbrush, it will start spray. 

    Wrinkle removal skin care treatment (55 minutes)                                      

    (1) Use facial cleanser to clean the skin.

    (2) Wipe the face with warm water.

    (3) Pour 2-3 drops skin care product into 50ML water and mix it together,using oxygen spray , then stretch wrinkles during massage and clean the pores of dirt . (15 minutes).

    (4) When the skin become dry, wipe the good essence and emulsion then using  high pressure oxygen injection inject nutrition and pure oxygen into the basal layer. (10 minutes).

    (5) Wipe the face with warm water again

    (6) Finally,do a beauty face mask (about 20 minutes).


    Do not use corrosive products to clean the instrument.
    Ensure that the power supply connected to the instrument is stable before using.
    Do not allow water or other liquids to enter the instrument host.
    When you have trouble, please cut off the power supply.
    Wash immediately after use: Add pure water in the oxygen gun sprayer, let it spray totally. 

    Newer Portable version is available: