Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Voice Adjustable BTE Sound

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    Color: Blue, Beige(Optional)
    Charging Type: USB charging
    Charger: DC 5V/50MA-1A
    Battery: Lithium battery 60MA
    Size: 45×40x10mm
    Weight: About 6. 5g
    Max Sound Output: 129±4dB
    Sound Gain: 38±5dB
    Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%
    FrequencyRange: 400Hz~3800Hz
    Input Noise: ≤28dB
    Voltage: D.C.3.7V
    Current: ≤2mA
    1. Do not remove or replace the built-in lithium battery
    2. The power adapter and the main unit have a certain amount of heat during the charging process, which is normal.
    3. Charge for at least 4 hours at the first time, and then use out completely . After three consecutive times, the battery can be used optimally.
    Package Included: 
    1x Voice Sound Amplifier Device (High Quality Box Package)
    1x Plug
    1x USB Cable
    1x Brush
    1x User Manual